8 Golf Fundraising Ideas

Whether you want to raise money for your golf organisation or arrange a club tournament, you need to organise fundraising events. Here are some good golf fundraising ideas that you can implement.

Golf fundraiser tournament

You can organise a charity golf tournament and welcome people from the community to participate. You need to promote your tournament well by distributing leaflets and using the social media platforms. You should look for corporate sponsorships to arrange the tournament. You can get donations as well. Offer good prizes to the winners.

Give golf lessons

You can give golf lessons to people at the golf course or in the drive ranges. You can hire local expert golfers to provide the lessons. You can provide discounts on the lessons to attract more people to take the lessons.

Golf merchandise sales

You can sell customised golf apparel like hats, golf shirts, or golf balls with the name or logo of your sponsors. You can see these items from the golf tournament website. You can also buy things from another golf shop and sell them on your site.

Arrange a golf marathon

You can arrange a golf marathon. Golfers will give donations to participate in the marathon. People will let their family and friends know about the event and so you will have a lot of participants.

Host fundraising raffles

Fundraising raffles can also be arranged. You can reach out to your local community before the tournament and get prizes donated. You should showcase the items before the tournament which will motivate people to take part in the event.

Have a cash-bar golf cart

You can take a fully stoked cash-bar cart to the golfers who are playing on the golf course. You can load up the cart with snacks, cold drinks, and other things and sell them to the golfers. You can also sell sunscreen, hats, and other essentials.

Have golf tournament contests

You can host golf tournament contests throughout the day. People have to predict who will hit closest to the pin or have the longest drive, for example. This type of contest creates a buzz during the event, and you will have a lot of fun.

Run a charity auction

You can run charity auctions after a golf tournament. This can include ticket items and other things. You can have the auction online as well. This way, many people will participate.

These fundraising ideas are easy to implement and are very effective in collecting money. You can try out these ideas to raise money for your golf organisation or event.

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