Things to Consider Before Joining a Golf Club

Do you like to play golf? Then it’s worth considering joining a golf club. The number of golf courses and clubs has increased over the years. So, there is a high possibility that you will find several golf clubs near your home. Before you join a golf club, you need to consider various things.

Fully private vs semi-private

You should first consider whether the club is fully private or semi-private, in which case the non-members can also play on certain days of the week. In a semi-private golf club, the number of golfers will be more, and it can get crowded sometimes.

So, if you want more privacy, then you should look for a fully private golf club. You should also ask some important questions to the General Manager of the club. For example, the number of full memberships and seasonal memberships, the number of tournaments held per year, any partnership with other clubs, and more.

Golf course

Some clubs have multiple golf courses in which case there are both 18-hole and 9-hole golf courses. You need to consider the timing of the first tee time, the golf courses’ irrigation system and overall condition, the practice facilities, closing times, and more.


Being a member of the golf club can be expensive, especially if it’s a private one. There is the initiation fee, monthly cost, and other additional costs as well like the cost of the cart, food, and beverage, and more.

Membership options

There are various membership options, and you need to do thorough research on them before deciding which membership option to choose. The equity member, for example, can be a part of the board of directors and is the most expensive form of membership.

Non-equity members cannot vote on important club issues like renovating the golf course, arranging tournaments, etc. Seasonal membership is ideal for those who are not very regular at playing golf. Family membership allows other family members to join the club as well.

Before you decide to become a member of a golf club, research all the golf clubs near you. Play around in the golf course or visit the place to get a feel of the environment. You should then calculate and compare the membership costs.

Then fill out an application form and submit it. Your application will be assessed, and you will be called for an interview. Joining a golf club can have a positive effect on your lifestyle.

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